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About Us

Our company which is a Dell laptop service center in Chennai has been in this field for many years and this has led to great experience to us and our team. More and more service of laptops has given us more and more experience and this has enabled us to get more into the details and knitty gritty of the laptops. Our Dell laptop service center in Chennai has done service for hundreds of laptops and each and every laptop has been dealt with great care and it has been working very fine. As mentioned so many times we have a great process which helps in the selection of dell laptop service technicians. We first recruit persons who have knowledge in the field of computers and laptops. Having basic knowledge is very important for us. Once we find that the service engineers are in that category then we recruit them and provide training. Our training is given by some of the senior service engineers from our dell laptop service center in Chennai. Their experience is a boon to the new comers. The senior service engineers have great knowledge and they know how to deal with the new comers and make them sharp and good in the field of dell laptop service. Our dell laptop service center in Chennai has been good in making the service engineers good and taking them to a stage where they are fully capable of handling the service calls by themselves.


Dell laptop service centers in Chennai has one more feature and this is providing doorstep service / onsite service. This facility is the major backbone and creates great customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is a must in the field of service and we travel all the way to the customer place to provide dell laptop service. There are times when there is rain and there are times when there is sun shine and our service team still manages to go to the customer place in harsh weather conditions. One must not forget about the traffic conditions in the city. And there are also customers who want our person to come at their wanted timings. This makes even more difficult because some customers want us to come after they return from the work and we take that effortlessly and do provide service for that. Our dell laptop service centers in Chennai has knowledge about all models of dell laptops. There are many different series available and each and every series has many models and we still know the working pattern of it. Also our Dell laptop service centers in Chennai has original spare parts and this also helps the working performance of the laptops and also keeps the reputation of our company in good shape. Many customers do not want costly spare parts and go for cheap compatible spare. This in a way is a good money saving technique but takes a lot out of laptop and can damage the work performance of the laptops. We always recommend and push them to go for original and company spare parts. It might be costly but it is good for laptops. So whenever you go for dell laptop service one should always go for original dell spare parts and if you have any queries do contact our dell laptop service centers in Chennai. There is more to our success story. We have working period not only on weekdays but also on Sundays and this helps the customer in many ways. Many customers want to get their work done on Sundays because many working people are free on Sundays and we have a rotational shift basis for our service engineers and this helps the customers. People from shops, office, company, technology companies, factories, residence, etc. do get chance to be at home on Sunday and we do provide work on that day. This has been the major difference between us and others and that is why our dell service center is at the top. And other important thing has been quick returning of the laptops. Most of the time we provide service right at the customer place and in some cases it requires that the laptop been taken to the dell service center and then it is checked and repaired by us. Many times office setup is the best place to get the work going for the laptops. Because we do not carry major instruments and this definitely requires the laptop to be taken to our centers. And our dell laptop service centers has all the work equipment required along with ready spares and this helps in getting the work done in quick time. Many people want their work done at their place and it is very extremely difficult to complete the task at the customer place and it is always advisable to give it to dell service centers in Chennai and then we can take care of it. We provide doorstep service / onsite service for all customers from shops, office, company, it companies, bpo companies, factories, residence, etc.

About Us

We are a company which provides service for dell desktops, laptops, mini laptops, notebooks, workstations, monitors, etc.

Contact Us

Toll Free: 18002002937

   Mobile: 7358494676


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